45mm width common ball bearing runner slide

45mm width common ball bearing runner slide

Short Description

The newly designed slide offers extremely smooth and quiet experience. You will be inspired by its performance, even under fully loaded circumstance. Drawer ball bearing slides are made of high-quality zinc-plated steel. We guaranteed our products’ quality with advanced production technology and high-quality raw material. Durable runners are able to run smoothly for many long years without the need of any repairs or replacements. We are aiming to bring both good quality and affordable price to your own space design, provide excellent solutions for residential and commercial applications.

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45mm width common ball bearing runner slide

3 rows solid balls insure the stability and smooth of the slide. The high quality solid balls are polished well to guarantee the performance.

The slider has a very wide range of application. With the development of technology and working process has dramatically decrease the product cost. Nowdays the ball bearing slide are used in different scenes.Our products stand out as their high quality and durable performance, drawer ball bearing slides have this extremely strong and stable structure, which are able to create a safe environment and protect people. With offering this extremely smooth and quiet experience, they can be used widely in such rooms as: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, guest rooms, children's rooms, hall, vestibule, moreover, you are also able to find those products everywhere for professional use – in offices, in warehouses, in workshops, for binging more connection, flexibility and creation to your business with more affordable price.

Technical Specifications

• Width: 45mm

• Size: 10"-24"

• Finish: zinc-plated, black, color-zinc

• Material: cold-rolled steel

• Thickness Range: 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.2mm, 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.4mm

• General full extension ball bearing slide.Chipboard screw on.

• Smooth motion on steel balls. Increased general mechanism.

• Length range from 250 to 600mm.

Installation indication


Thickness Range: 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0mm
Unit: mm

Model Color A B C D E F Item No.
DB4501-10" Zinc-plated 250 96 / / 64 128 531.381.011
Blacke 531.382.011
DB4501-12" Zinc-plated 300 96 / / 96 128 531.381.012
Blacke 531.382.012
DB4501-14" Zinc-plated 350 96 64 / 128 128 531.381.013
Blacke 531.382.013
DB4501-16" Zinc-plated 400 96 96 / 160 160 531.381.014
Blacke 531.382.014
DB4501-18" Zinc-plated 450 96 96 64 160 192 531.381.015
Blacke 531.382.015
DB4501-20" Zinc-plated 500 96 160 64 192 224 531.381.016
Blacke 531.382.016
DB4501-22" Zinc-plated 550 96 192 64 224 224 531.381.017
Blacke 531.382.017
DB4501-24" Zinc-plated 600 96 224 64 256 256 531.381.018
Blacke 531.382.018

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