HS3101 | Two way clip-on hydraulic hinge with cam adjustable plate

HS3101 | Two way clip-on hydraulic hinge with cam adjustable plate

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Meaton concealed hinges for kitchen cabinet are widely used in different types of cupboard, wardrobe, bookcase and all kinds of cabinet wooden door for home, office and that allows you to lock and open one or both doors conveniently. This product is with CAM adjustable function. Soft closing hinges are ideal for modern people living a busy lifestyle. Choosing those hinges for all the closets in your house will surely eliminate slamming the doors and thus you will avoid the annoying crackling noises and be able to enjoy your furniture flawlessly for many, many years. A large hinge opening angle of 105 ° will allow convenient access to the content of each cabinet, making their everyday use very comfortable.

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Concealed hinges also known as invisible hinges or hidden hinges are the most important furniture hardware fittings products that used in cabinets. MEATON HS3101 two way clip-on hydraulic hinge has soft close functions that makes the door can self close without slamming it. 35mm hinge cup is the industry standard. It is the best cabinet hinge that you can find in the furniture hardware market. MEATON’s HS3101 cabinet hinges are European type hinges that are strong hinges that allowed for nice flush-mount. Made from cold rolled steel material and finished with nickel plated, prevent against corrosion and rust, ensures its durability and longevity. Rivet connection structure makes the hidden hinges solid and hard. The springs inside the cabinet hinge ensure that cabinet door is firmly closed and keep the door opening at 90 degrees. Perfect replacement for the worn out hinges. Improved Clip-on mounting plate adjusts easily and accurately with parallel movement. And MEATON’s HS3101 has three different type for different door applications: overlay, half overlay and inset. Contact MEATON for more detailed technical and commercial information about MEATON’s kitchen cabinet hinges.


Technical Specifications

• Main material: cold-rolled steel.

• Finish: nickel plated.

• Opening angle: 105°.

• Dia. of hinge cup: 35mm.

• Depth of hinge cup: 11.5mm.

• Door thickness: 14-21mm.

• Concealed hydraulic hinge, clip-on, CAM adjustable.

• With self-closing function.

Product Parameters

item Soft-close Hinge
Type Furniture Hinge
Mail packing Y
Application Kitchen, Bathroom, Home Office, Living room, Bedroom, Dining, Babies and kids, Outdoor, Hotel, Villia, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, School, Mall, Sports Venues, Leisure Facilities, Supermarket, Warehouse, Workshop, Park, Farmhouse, Courtyard, Other, Storage & Closet, Exterior, Wine Cellar, Entry, Hall, Home Bar, Staircase, Basement, Garage & Shed, Gym, Laundry
Design Style Modern
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Meaton
Model Number HS3101

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